in which we are one step closer to Ghost In The Shell

A neckband that translates thought into speech by picking up nerve signals has been used to demonstrate a "voiceless" phone call for the first time.

With careful training a person can send nerve signals to their vocal cords without making a sound. These signals are picked up by the neckband and relayed wirelessly to a computer that converts them into words spoken by a computerised voice.


"I can still talk verbally at the same time," Callahan told New Scientist. "We can differentiate between when you want to talk silently, and when you want to talk out loud." That could be useful in certain situations, he says, for example when making a private call while out in public.

in which it is evident i was in yuba city for too long

so the new york auto show is currently ongoing; and though i've been hot on the new dodge challenger for years now, i have to say the car(?) i'd rock is the new pontiac el camino G8 ST (for sport truck, obv):

unfortunately, army regs would prevent the growing of the otherwise-required mullet. fuckin'a, man.


so who out there actually cares about the content/comment strike that's supposed to start in about 7 hours? just curious.

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how did i not hear about this until day-after? i'm slipping.


edit: ok i'm listening and the shit is good. this is a return to the layer-upon-layer-upon-layer complexity that i loved about the fragile. i'll send trent $5. i promise.
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to those of you out there who drive four-wheeled vehicles-

please watch out for those of us riding on two wheels.

and if you happen to make a mistake, like failing to yield right-of-way to someone on a motorcycle or scooter because you didn't see them, and as a result have them lock their brakes up and slide sideways into your pickup's rear bumper-

it'd be a nice thing if you stopped to check and see if you've killed or maimed anyone, rather than just taking off.

because the law says you're supposed to do that; but then you shouldn't need the legal impetus, as it's what any human should do out of common decency.


(i'm okay, but my left knee and shoulder are full of pretty colors right now.)
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On the first day of July, Satender Singh was gay-bashed to death.

The 26-year-old Fijian of Indian descent was enjoying a holiday weekend outing at Lake Natoma with three married Indian couples around his age. Singh was delicate and dateless -- two facts that did not go unnoticed by a party of Russian-speaking immigrants two picnic tables away.

According to multiple witnesses, the men began loudly harassing Singh and his friends, calling them "7-Eleven workers" and "Sodomites." The Slavic men bragged about belonging to a Russian evangelical church and told Singh that he should go to a "good church" like theirs. According to Singh's friends, the harassers sent their wives and children home, then used their cell phones to summon several more Slavic men. The members of Singh's party, which included a woman six months pregnant, became afraid and tried to leave. But the Russian-speaking men blocked them with their bodies.

The pregnant woman said she didn't want to fight them.

"We don't want to fight you either," one of them replied in English. "We just want your faggot friend."


A growing and ferocious anti-gay movement in the Sacramento Valley is centered among Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking immigrants. Many of them are members of an international extremist anti-gay movement whose adherents call themselves the Watchmen on the Walls.


In the Western U.S., the Watchmen have a following among Russian-speaking evangelicals from the former Soviet Union. Members are increasingly active in several cities long known as gay-friendly enclaves, including Sacramento, Seattle and Portland, Ore.


Vlad Kusakin, the host of a Russian-language anti-gay radio show in Sacramento and the publisher of a Russian-language newspaper in Seattle, told The Seattle Times in January that God has "made an injection" of high numbers of anti-gay Slavic evangelicals into traditionally liberal West Coast cities. "In those places where the disease is progressing, God made a divine penicillin," Kusakin said.


Dennis Mangers, a gay former California state senator who now lobbies for the cable industry, said that when he met a prominent leader of Sacramento's Slavic community at a 2006 weekend reconciliation retreat, the Slavic leader told him: "You have to understand, we equate homosexuals with thieves, adulterers and murderers. ... You are an abomination."


it's unfortunate that i read this at 1am, because i should be asleep and now i'm fucking pissed.

i'd like to know exactly how it's okay that we let these people immigrate into our country, and then they're going to tell our citizens what is and is not an acceptable way to live our lives.

the majority of my friends here in seattle are members of the LGBT community.

let me catch any of them threatening violence upon people close to me, or anyone else i've sworn an oath to protect.
if they live, i'll turn them over to homeland security as hate-crime terrorists.
if being the operative word.
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a post full of love

first, qwest, I LOVE YOU, for leaving my torrent/soulseek traffic alone.
a solid 100k/sec down is really all i ask for out of a broadband connection.


second, i've done some bitching about tv shows lately.

tv shows i do not hate:
house, MD- if it's medically inaccurate, they've done enough research that the mistakes are over my head. and the main character is verbally ruthless, which is really my favorite part.
burn notice- equal parts intel, tactics, and the incredibly hot ex-gf. i'd do things to her that are probably illegal in amsterdam.
dexter- murderous sociopath, working in a police department, focuses his intent on other killers. can't go wrong.
californication- a great commentary on LA, and the only chance duchovny has had to actually act.
numb3rs- maybe the least of what i've listed here, but they're creative with each ep's plotline, and it's a crime-drama that tries to make you think, if nothing else.

and thanks to bittorrent, i can enjoy all of the above without commercials. god bless the internet.


the third is tool's latest album, 10,000 days.

i felt notably unimpressed with this album when it was released last year. i don't remember why, exactly, but i just didn't give it a chance.

now that i've put myself through the past year's experience, vicarious, jambi, and right in two speak to me on levels i can't explain here.
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