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Posted on 2010.07.18 at 04:05
C&H, i love you so hard.

Posted on 2010.06.30 at 17:20
Current Location: lawndale, ca
Music: jello biafra & nomeansno - the myth is real - let's eat
so apparently i'm moving back to norcal.

spending a weekend there with scott and his lovely girlfriend anne, and rediscovering a bunch of people i hadn't seen in half a decade at the "space pirates" party in oakland, made me miss it more than ever, and the gf is losing her current digs in modesto due to landlord dickishness.

i have not managed to fall in love with los angeles, and there's not really anything keeping me here other than the one friend who restored my car while i was overseas.

so i'm finishing this quarter in school, and will be securing a studio apartment for us in august.

i've already applied to de anza for fall quarter. they don't have a pre-engineering program, so i'm changing my major to technical writing. i've only done low-level math and general ed at my current school, so i will likely not lose anything in the switch.

so yeah, that's that. i get a little more sick of facebook every day, so i'm gonna make an attempt to post more on lj again.


english class is fun

Posted on 2010.03.31 at 22:06
Mood: confusedconfused
Music: bipol - reproduction I
today we analyzed 3 poems, and the instructor's opinion was that kubla khan by coleridge was all about sex.


as he made his argument i started to agree with him.

then i mentioned that i thought the last two lines were talking about oral sex and he nearly spit out his drink and looked at me like i was crazy.


dude, ya spent the last hour talking about the phallic fountain and the vajayjay cave, but you're gonna get coy when i mention cunnilingus?

strange society we've constructed for ourselves here...

Posted on 2010.02.16 at 20:34
Current Location: lawndale, ca
Music: 5f-x - untitled 3
i've been experiencing what i'd call "relationship malaise" lately. it's been a month and the libido dragon is pissed the fuck off by now, but i didn't actually care enough to strike up a conversation with anyone of the opposite gender on the train ride to seattle and back.

of course, life corrects you when you are being stupid like this, and it put a cute brown-haired girl named christina in the seat next to me in my art class. she even had the subtle statement of a single candy bracelet on, but by this point that could be irony or who knows what.

speaking of school, and the train, on the ride up on friday morning i got a call from the VA rep at the school who said, cliff's noted, "we fucked up and got you dropped from all your courses. come see us before you show up to school on tuesday."

it occurs that iraq taught me to handle stress much more effectively, because while i was pissed off and worried (my meager stipend from the GI bill is what's allowing me to go to school and not work, and that's dependent on having a full courseload) that i might have to go back to active-duty much sooner than i thought, i just dealt with the stupid shit like the army will teach you to do. 2 classes are confirmed, and i have to get one of tomorrow's two to keep collecting government cheese.

other fronts- no response from the local industrial/noise club after bugging them with demos for a couple weeks in a row. que sera. i got a nice little furnished room walking distance from school for $520/mo all-inclusive. i took my car to a nighttime meet/show in cerritos and it got a great response. i guess that's it.

Posted on 2010.01.15 at 23:43
Current Location: US, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, S Victoria Ave, 1188
Mood: good.

on my way to the club some guy bummed a smoke off of me and told me i looked like the devil.

"really? you should see the rest of these motherfuckers."

sipping my red bull & vodka in the back of the power noise room, and a hot DJ is playing what sounds like trancey ghetto-tech.

i got back to california in august, but tonight i'm home.

Posted on 2009.10.23 at 09:09
Most people are not rational, they are TRIBAL: "my gang yay, your gang boo!" It really is that simple. The rest is cosmetics. - "Gary Brescher", War Nerd

Maybe war is an inevitable part of human nature. Maybe to get rid of war, we have to become something other than human. - Joe Haldeman, Forever Peace

Posted on 2009.10.13 at 15:57
Current Location: los angeles, ca *smirk*
Music: machines of loving grace - rite of shiva
so that's why i'm constantly cut off by people driving hybrids.

Posted on 2009.10.12 at 16:50
Music: amon tobin - sordid
is google chrome a rampant memory hog for anyone else? i had to go back to firefox.

vista has started being "quirky" on my laptop, so i'm about to try upgrading to windows 7 whenever-i-feel-like-it, might try again after that.


the world is lucky i'm colorblind, because otherwise this would be a common occurrence.

Posted on 2009.07.14 at 13:39
Mood: amusedamused
Music: morgenstern - blow away my reason

This is the moment a a US Navy pilot gave a shocked resident a very close look at his F18.

The fighter/bomber streaked past an apartment block on the banks of the Detroit River at the weekend.


Posted on 2009.06.16 at 21:25
Current Location: ar ramadi, iraq
Mood: pensivepatient
today i finally managed to get some half-decent shots of an approaching sandstorm.

the only thing i can compare it to is- you know how video games have draw-in distance where stuff on the "horizon" just pops into view as you approach it? it's like that, in reverse. a wall of wind and dust proceeding not-that-slowly across the map, and things just sorta disappear as it gets closer to you.

when the water tower on the northeast edge of camp (i thought you'd be able to see it in the 2nd pic, but apparently not) goes away, it's time to either get out whatever dust protective equipment you have or get inside (or just deal with the grit in your mouth, which i don't care for), because you have about 3 minutes until it looks like this:

fun! (we call these "orange days".)

it's night now and the storm has mostly died down but there is still dry lightning up in the sky- unfortunately i don't have a tripod and i don't know how to set a long exposure time on my camera so i can't get pics of that.

about one month left here.

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