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Posted on 2001.11.20 at 14:27
Music: A Perfect Circle - Libras
(cuz alan did it first and i'm idly waiting for a phone call back from my 2nd contract)

MY HAIR: was damn near black about 3 weeks ago but is getting lighter.
MY MAKEUP: is nonexistent.
MY DREAM: is forever deferred.
MY OBSESSION: is to understand myself to the fullest extent possible.
MY MOST ATTRACTIVE FEATURE: ...is my greater-than-average height, i guess.
MY FAVORITE THING TO DO: is get an adrenaline kick from high velocity or loud music.
I'M WEARING: black kiks (surprise, surprise) and the long-sleeved t-shirt i got at the tool concert.
I'M EATING: nothing.
I'M LISTENING TO: whatever's playing in winamp.
I'M FEELING: like you have to tread water hard to stay afloat these days.
I'M THINKING: of the desert.
I SEE: afterimages from lack of sleep.
I FIND: solace in an empty bed more easily than i used to.
I WANT: true and complete independence from the world.
I HAVE: potential, still.
I WISH: i'd foregone fun for responsibility a little more in the past.
I LOVE: when that hot blonde chick on the train keeps glancing over every 5 minutes.
I HATE: more than i used to.
I MISS: the feeling of freedom that came with not knowing everything the world required of me.
I FEAR: being 40-hours-a-week until i die.
I SMELL: desperation.
I WONDER: if this was all for nothing.

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