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yeah, i'm sure a few of you were just waiting for this, but after a week or so of absence, i've managed to either find or put myself in a place where i'm ready to deal again.

my addictive personality was just developing a little too much of an attatchment to lj, and in general i think i'd been using the computer as my main medium-for-social-interaction too much.

i actually have a positive outlook on life right now.
i don't remember how long it's been since that happened.

(i'm also tired of people misinterpreting why i've been making the random anonymous comment now and then. i've realized recently how egocentric i can be & that this isn't always a good thing; because of that i've started noticing it a lot in others as well.)

my ysr showed up last night, with it's nearly assembled yz125 engine. i'm pretty sure it's an air-cooled (meaning i won't need to install a radiator), and it comes with an expansion chamber with a very nifty-looking vance&hines muffler on the end- both of these are really good things, because the radiator and exhaust would be the most difficult parts of building this hybrid bike if i had to take care of them myself.

that thing is just too fucking cool for words. calling it a "glorified scooter" as i have been really does not do it justice at all.

after i clean the chassis up a bit, bolt the cylinder head on the motor and the motor into its intended location, i'll snap a few pictures of what it looks like without body panels so you can all make the appropriate ooh/aah noises.

there's other stuff going on as well, but don't hold your breath waiting for details, because nobody who's not involved is getting them =)

oh yeah- & the radio station will be back sometime soon, in a different format, as soon as live365 gets their shit together; they don't seem to play too well with the latest version of shoutcast for some reason, and their proprietary software still sucks, a lot. the above link will still work, once my broadcast server is again playing happily with their relay server.

finally- starbucks venti white mocha with an extra shot- the ultimate motivator.

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