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Posted on 2001.10.26 at 14:29
Mood: calmcalm
Music: DHA Tekno. 64+ hours. slurp it up, kids.
ok, the radio station's back. for those of you who need your constant 4/4 fix, sorry for the omission. (scott- note that there's a new IP address.) still adding new material, 65+ hours at this point...

currently playing: KGB vs Andrew Clyne @ Daybreak (so-cal desert party set; i can actually remember the part i'm hearing right now, and i'm getting mild 'cid flashbacks from it)

not much to do at work today, after fixing the email server...

i might be finally acquiring a YSR soon... kinda cool to have a spare motor in my room i can have built out to bigger than 50cc somewhere and swap in later... *grin* i miss the freeway, & riding my roomie's scooter every once in a while only makes it worse.

to quote foo!: *extends forearm, upside down... whap whap whap*

oh yeah, the FSM for my MR2 finally showed up. i guess i can understand why the thing cost me nearly $100... i've seen smaller phone books.

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