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yet another survey

(stolen from nico)

Current taste: a hint of brown sugar (from the OATMEAL i just ate, you perverted fucks)
Current hair: short on the bottom, long on top, maybe in need of shampoo, & getting more sun-bleached by the day
Current grievance: stubbornness
Current annoyance: what the hell is the difference between a "grievance" and an "annoyance", anyway?
Current scent: djarum's special
Current stupid musing: i try not to have stupid musings
Current longing: freedom
Current game: pissing match
Current thing I ought to be doing: increasing filter security on my router
Current windows open: nico's journal, laura's IM window, The Prime Number Shitting Bear, outlook, and a couple directories on the network
Current desktop picture: hmmm... needed a new one, it's now this
Current favourite artist: H.R.Giger
Current favourite group: portishead
CD's currently scattered about room: sad. mostly MSDN archives i've snagged from work.
Current book: still haven't finished Xenocide by Orson Scott Card
Current CDs in stereo: hahah... i don't listen to CDs anymore
Current disc in DVD player: none
Current colour of toenails: natural
Current earrings: none
Current refreshment: solitude
Current worry: none
Current malicious intent: exploit the masses
Current misguided opinion: can't think of anything
Current crush: none
Current favourite celebrity: mmmm... john cusack
Current time wasting wish: see "current longing"
Current hate: *shrug*

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