Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

icq conversations under other people's UINs are a beautiful, terrible thing

Crazy 9/5/01 2:16 AM cyber?

girlunder 9/5/01 2:16 AM fuck off.

Crazy 9/5/01 2:17 AM fuck YOU off....i just asked dumm ass....

girlunder 9/5/01 2:17 AM well if you think that's a decent way to start a conversation your mental processes are ALL fucked up. now piss off.

Crazy 9/5/01 2:18 AM just say yes or no.....i don't need your comment.....

girlunder 9/5/01 2:20 AM you haven't gotten by now that the answer is no? what the fuck? were you dropped on your head into a huge pile of paint chips when you were a baby? *i* don't need fucking RETARDS like you bothering me so they can JERK OFF. now FUCK OFF or i'll have your UIN reported, bitch.

Crazy 9/5/01 2:22 AM thank you.....bye.

girlunder 9/5/01 2:22 AM learn some english and you might have a little more luck with the young teenage girls of america, dipshit.

Crazy 9/5/01 2:23 AM thank you.bye

girlunder 9/5/01 2:24 AM say thank you again, bitch. i dare you.

Crazy 9/5/01 2:24 AM my native language is english....what r u talkin'bout?

girlunder 9/5/01 2:25 AM you've made me very sad for the future of america. but at least i know there will always be people like you to serve me when i need to hit up the mcdonald's drive-thru at 2 in the morning. thanks for that... goodnight.

Crazy 9/5/01 2:26 AM thank you, beautiful...

Crazy 9/5/01 2:26 AM lol

girlunder 9/5/01 2:26 AM hahah. you know you've been talking to a guy this whole time? i'm on someone else's computer =)

Crazy 9/5/01 2:26 AM shut up...r u serious?

girlunder 9/5/01 2:27 AM & i'm sorry, but i really *can't* cyber you... i've got a girl already. she wouldn't like it.

girlunder 9/5/01 2:27 AM hahah don't tell me you've been beating off this whole time...

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