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station back, hopefully for longer this time...

Posted on 2001.06.26 at 14:07
Music: radio.dk
ok, i *finally* got someone at live365 to go in and reset my stream on their relay server- the problem was on their end after all.

i guess i can't bitch too much about it, seeing as they provide the service for free (and without ads as i'm running a live stream)... my only other option is running the broadcast myself, and i can't do that here from the office without tying up too much bandwidth, so i guess for the moment i deal.

anyway. yeah. it's back, and i've added some new MP3s again, including a 5.5-hour recording from the techno room at the CloudFactory New Year 2k1 party, which is playing right now.

(for those who weren't there... forest green vs sir nod... damn. to quote my good friend don: "the big ones.")

& i need anyone who wants a hard-tek demo from me to start bugging me about it so i actually go home and record it some evening. =)

argh... our web server @ work requires a rebuild. looks like it's gonna be a late night...

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