Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

problems w/ live365

ok, i've had a few issues w/ live365, but i've managed to resolve them.

for anyone else who uses this site for live broadcasting, i advise against using their software. get winamp, the shoutcast DSP, and the microsoft codec (part of netshowtools) and set it up that way instead.

the directions for how to use 3rd-party tools on live365's site are not bad and doing it this way actually allows you a lot more freedom w/ broadcasting- i had a few sets that wouldn't play before because they were recorded in mono and StudioLive wasn't happy w/ that... now i can hear amber's doofhouse live set, which fucking pounds =)

the tools also allow more freedom with what bitrate you broadcast at, which is necessary for me at the moment because the source for this stream is currently running on a celeron computer, which can't handle streaming conversion all that well.

so yeah, the station's back. have a listen and enjoy.</geek>

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