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i wish i was in a better mood right now.

i am not.

when i got home this morning at about 6 from the thump party at 550 (which was excellent... incredible sound) i stumbled into what would have been my bed if there weren't already two people sleeping in it.

after minor heart attacks for all involved, i went and took a shot of nyquil because i needed to calm down again. then i went and passed out on the couch.

6 hours later (noon) i was woken up again. my eyes slowly focused on the table in front of me, and then the chocolate that was left out (in an open ziploc bag) on it, and then the trail of ants that went from said chocolate to the floor to the couch to the wall.

i've just finished cleaning these ants up and hosing everything down with raid.

good fucking morning.

i'm gonna go take a shower now.

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