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Posted on 2001.05.18 at 17:48
Mood: enragedenraged
i'm gonna kill someone over at my credit union.

i just got a check from kevin reimbursing me for books i bought earlier this week... $180, which i really needed seeing as i was down to a 20-spot after spending 6 bucks on ciggies earlier today.

i still don't have an ID, so i couldn't go cash this check at wells fargo- i decided to go to my credit union instead, because the tellers there know me on a first-name basis by now (and no, this is not evidence of a Cheers-like atmosphere).

having spoken to someone in their collections department earlier in the week, they gave me the impression that the $1000 i dropped off would get my account current.

well, the teller told me a different story.

it apparently was just used to catch up back payments on the golf.

THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY TOLD ME, and it's about the STUPIDEST fucking way to use that money *possible*, because the loan on the golf is about to be paid off by two different insurance companies.

so basically, the only thing that money did was save the company that has my "gap" insurance policy $1000. meanwhile, i'm still left with the car payment on my GTI unpaid, *which is what that money was supposed to be for*.

somebody's gonna die if i keep getting fucked with like this.

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