Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

emode's identity test

hmm, i think they nailed me down pretty good here...


Openness To Experience

Your high score in the Openness category means that you probably have a strong creative streak. Your broad intellectual curiosity and your interest in the various arts set you apart. Some people may consider you somewhat of a dreamer, and your taste for variety often means moving quickly on to the next experience. This tendency makes you appear a bit flighty and inconsistent. But these elements of your personality simply reflect a character full of new ideas and charged with emotions.



Your low score in the Conscientiousness category means that you are quite "flexible" in your outlook on duty and responsibility. You probably have a casual style, and feel no strong obligation towards behaving according to a strict personal code. Chances are, you're relatively unorganized and easily distracted. You feel no strong ambition towards achieving any standard of success. To your favor, you probably have a spontaneous element that can be quite refreshing. But overall, your irresponsible attitude means that you generally cannot be counted upon.



Your medium score in the Extraversion category defines your social identity. You are probably comfortable in either a crowd or by yourself, and spending time alone or with company is equally enjoyable. When among others, you tend to stand in the foreground, although you may not always wish to take the position of a leader. Instead, you seem to prefer moving between the role of leader and follower, as the situation requires. You probably keep a moderately active social life; you're generally on the lookout for excitement, but certainly don't require it. You tend to keep a fairly positive emotional outlook, and people can usually count on your for some good cheer.



The Agreeableness category refers to your social disposition. Your medium score indicates someone who balances the priorities of your own inner voice with the needs of others. You tend to be concerned with the harmony of the group, while maintaining a certain independence. Depending on the situation, you might adopt a stance that defers to the wishes of others, or else assert your own individuality. In this way, you have a great deal of tact, and believe in the situational equality of people. You probably have an approachable and kind personality. People probably admire you for your ability to speak your mind when appropriate.


Negative Emotionality

Negative Emotionality refers to your emotional reactivity. Your high score means that you're quite sensitive, and highly reactive to outside stimuli. For example, you probably worry a bit more than most, and may feel more anger than most. In addition, you may be more prone to stress and embarrassment as a result of your sensitivity. It should be noted that high sensitivity often means a lowered feeling of overall satisfaction with life. But at the same time, this sentiment is often the basis for making important changes in the world. People who know you probably see you as a bit thin-skinned, and susceptible to mood swings.

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