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ok, i've been neglecting this thing too much.

lost my wallet on monday night. *sigh*. this is bad. going back to the drive-in tonight w/ brandon on the way to berkeley. whether or not we'll be able to find an employee who understands the concept of a "lost-and-found", let alone whether or not they actually *have* one, is in serious doubt. gotta try though.

there's been a lot of difficulty w/ getting the car loans straightened out. it would all be significantly easier to handle if my credit union could actually keep straight *which car* was totaled... but a month and a half after the accident, i finally made it clear to them yesterday. louise and i bought "gap coverage" on the car when we purchased it, which basically means that if you total the car and your insurance doesn't pay off all of it, there's another policy to cover the rest. but corporate america being what it is, things are apparently still "lost in paperwork"... or whatever.

in the meantime, i'm making payments on both cars, so the (reduced) $1000 paycheck i got yesterday went straight to the credit union without even being cashed. that's a really demoralizing feeling- to know that you worked two weeks for that money, and there it goes before you even have a chance to smell it.

if i get my wallet back i *need* to go get the sentra out. i wish i could get off my ass and actually do this... but i don't want to go to jail again, even for a fucking hour. but when i do finally get it done... $2500. i need that money right now, badly. i could even afford to go get it taken care of... if i hadn't lost my wallet.

i'm trying to convince myself that it makes a difference that i'm even attempting to get all this shit taken care of.

more later.

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