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car history

sir_montag inspired me to try and recall the list of cars i've owned since i started driving 13 years ago.

in reverse order:
2002 subaru wrx wagon (awd + turbo = love)
1989 bmw 325is (twitchy lil bitch)
1991 nissan 240sx coupe (bandwagon yay)
1995 nissan 240sx (bandwagon yay)
1985 toyota mr2 (never ran, but whatever)
1987 vw gti 16v (technically still own this one)
1991 nissan sentra se-r (yes, another)
1997 vw gti-vr6 (shouldn't have tried to revive the dream)
1997 vw golf 4dr (bought for gf, her mom wrecked)
1989 toyota celica turbo all-trac (awd + turbo = love)
1998 vw gti-vr6 de (still haven't forgiven myself for wrecking it)
1992 vw jetta 4dr (lil' tank, beat on this thing mercilessly forever)
1986 toyota celica gt-s (sad substitute for an se-r)
1991 nissan sentra se-r (inspired by reading grassroots motorsports)
1984 toyota celica gt (thanks dad, this car taught me to drift half a decade before i knew that's what it was called)

averages out to a little over 1 per year since age 16. yes, i have car ADD.

alright car-geeks, let's see how much you can recollect.


tonight, i agreed to send a deposit on the next car on the list. (since foobiwan will be concerned, purchase price is $2100 if both parties agree to finalize.)

tomorrow night; decibelfest and speedy j, mf'er!
Tags: cars, music
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