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the democrats are not your friends

we don't really have a 2-party system.
both puppets are on the 2 arms of the same person.
kerry never intended to win the election. he was a weak candidate put out by the democratic party so that bush wouldn't have to fight too hard to win in '04.
even though the results were very close, during the post-vote drama he quickly conceded under the premise of "not wanting to be another '00 gore", but actually because he was never supposed to be president.

so- when andrew meyer starts asking awkward questions, he gets tasered because kerry doesn't want to own up to being nothing more than a strawman, used to ensure an 8-year term for bush.

why did kerry stand idly by while this kid's 1st-amendment rights were abused like a roofied sorority girl?
well, who's more important to the senator- random journalism student, or fellow skull & bones member president bush?

just sayin'.

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