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i've been staring at my livejournal for a few days now, wishing the next entry would write itself.

not much has changed, i suppose.

i'm still getting partial paychecks from mercanti, but i'm dealing with that okay.

i still haven't answered hana's email, and i feel bad about that.

i still haven't gotten my sentra out of the impound lot. wonder if i ever will. i hope so, i could use the $2500.

right now, i'm waiting to hear from IBM. our production web server died yesterday- either a bad motherboard or processors, according to the IBM service tech i spoke to on the fone. (go figure that the only things in the machine that aren't redundant would be the first things to die.)

right now, miki's guilt tripping me for having to run an errand tonight instead of coming out to san francisco to pick her up. i really shouldn't do either until i get the wheel bearing on my GTI fixed. but the trip to the east bay is revenue. i need that.

right now, i'm answering another email from (my coworker, not my lj buddy) trey, who's again lying about how the VPN doesn't work because he's an idiot. yesterday, it was very satisfying to hear rehan listen to trey's description of his problem, and comment "oh, it's not broken, he just doesn't know how to use it".

"Sometimes you do something, and you get screwed. Sometimes it's the things you don't do, and you get screwed." - Chuck Palahniuk

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