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holy fuck, i'm actually done

today is my training company's "family day", when all the privates' moms/dads/siblings/fiancees/etc show up and pat them on the back and say "job well done" and all that happy horseshit. (mine aren't here, they're just returning from a business trip in south korea.)

tomorrow morning is graduation. i leave base at noon, fly out of STL airport at 6pm, stop over in dallas long enough for a couple of jack and cokes at the airport TGIFriday's, and get to portland at 11:20pm, whereupon i'll be shuttled out to the oregon coastline by a couple of kind souls for an extremely well-timed weekend cabin party.

would i do it over again? irrelevant, i don't have to, you only go through IET once.
would i change my mind and not do it, given the chance? absolutely not.
what i took away from this was exactly what i needed.

the real challenge was keeping my mouth shut in the face of the "motivational" iraq propaganda... but when you're a private and a lieutenant colonel says "we're fighting the war over there so we don't have to fight it here" it's best not to bring up that we have been fighting it here for over a decade (wtc 1993) and still are...

anyway, the national guard liaison came by our company yesterday and had a career-guidance session with all the NG kids. from this i learned we can volunteer for deployments, rather than just waiting around to be shipped out to the sandbox... current big projects are construction gigs in alaska, and border patrol duty (anywhere from tx to ca, unfortunately you don't get to pick where). the former sounds like something good to do for the summer, and the latter for the winter... i think i could very much deal with this thing in a regular-job fashion, following a couple-months-on, couple-months-off format.

but right now? right now, i am ready to sit my ass down and relax for a minute.
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