Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

let the countdown begin

13 days.

related: got promoted to e2 private this week. this doesn't mean much other than a bigger paycheck (and some back pay, as i was supposed to get promoted in march).


car geek content:
fuel injection tuning via bluetooth



Palfrey, accused of running an elite prostitution ring for Washington powerbrokers, says some of her most-in-demand escorts were in their 50s.



and in personally-relevant news, the good:

Oregon Soldiers Begin Returning Home from Afghanistan

the (possibly) bad:
"And as these soldiers begin to return home, another 300 citizen-soldiers prepare for deployment to Iraq.

The 115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, 224th Engineer Company and the 234th Engineer Company have all received mobilization orders and are scheduled to deploy in the late spring and summer."

my paperwork is still with the recruit sustainment unit, but the personnel sergeant back in oregon thinks i'm now assigned to the 41st brigade combat team, special troops battalion, alpha company, which is the only engineer unit *not* being deployed.

let's hope so, huh? i need a break first.
Tags: cars, military, news

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