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in a week i'll be in boot camp, but right now i'm a dirty fucking hippie

Posted on 2006.08.14 at 00:44
mutantfest was amazing.

5lowershop was not a disappointment- nice to finally hear another dj play out some converter. see, power noise and techno can be friends!

i wandered away from the rest of the people i arrived with for a couple of hours on saturday night- doing that was kind of a return to my first days of partying; it's a freeing experience to not know anyone at a party, when you're not hanging around your own little clique is when you make the most new friends. i may have bummed out half of the pack of cloves i brought with me, but it was a worthwhile trade.

the SPAZ vaudeville show was highly entertaining; a highlight that changed the feel of the whole place from "campout rave" to something more like i imagine burning man must be like. (now i really wish i'd taken up the offer of a free ticket to that last year.)

the most unique thing, i think, was that i liked all of the music i heard well enough to stop and listen. even the band at the death metal camp was decent. there was no trance/house/breaks, this party was all breakcore/d'n'b/noise/techno... they don't fuck around up here. it's almost a shame i'm leaving, because the pnw party scene seems to be perfectly aligned with what i've decided i like after 10 years of listening to electronic music.

as "last hurrahs" go, i couldn't have asked for a better gathering of freaks to sit/smoke/drink in.


(Anonymous) at 2006-08-14 20:40 (UTC) (Link)
fucking hippies. boot camp will clean you up good! Wash that stink right off ya. That's cool you went to that. I've always heard it described as a circus rave in the woods where all the freaks come out. I still can't get over you going into boot camp.
Generation Y's Howard Beale
dk at 2006-08-14 21:53 (UTC) (Link)
yeah, that's pretty accurate... it was good times.
innocentchild at 2006-08-14 20:41 (UTC) (Link)
that anon post was me. lj keeps logging me out randomly. you have that problem?
betternewthings at 2006-08-14 21:44 (UTC) (Link)
Isn't there pee-in-a-cup some time during basic? come visit my ass when you're down here in houston. i work here now.
Generation Y's Howard Beale
dk at 2006-08-14 21:52 (UTC) (Link)
yes there is, but i meant smoke cloves. :) i've been avoiding anything that'll show up on a drug screen.

i've learned that fort sam houston is actually in san antonio, but i'm sure i can find the time/resources to see you sometime during AIT.
betternewthings at 2006-08-15 22:53 (UTC) (Link)
my job allows for travel at vanishingly small prices. i may come to your graduation.
Generation Y's Howard Beale
dk at 2006-08-15 23:08 (UTC) (Link)
that'd be awesome :)
betternewthings at 2006-08-15 23:20 (UTC) (Link)
send me an email at rebelwithoutajob@hotmail.com with your whereabouts and times and i will try to get that day off.
Generation Y's Howard Beale
dk at 2006-08-18 09:22 (UTC) (Link)
i'm not sure of the time, but if you google fort sam houston in SA you can find the address-

reply to my post from the 11th so i can send you some correspondence.
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