Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

because i'm bored & just cleaned it off

current theme: old standbys, new blood, and Stuff I Should Know Of
(some of my old standbys have a decade under their belt. gah.)

amon tobin - supermodified
ariel pink - house arrest
arovane - tides
atrium carceri - seshinbyouin
beck - guero
bitstream - one third standard lux
bong-ra - grindcrusher vinyl
brian eno & harold budd - the pearl
busdriver - this machine kills fascists
cex - role model
cex - oops, i did it again!
cex & kid 606 - are terrible musicians
claro intelecto - neurofibro
coldcut - let us play!
deftones - the white pony
dntel - life is full of possibilities
dub gabriel - ascend
elwood - the parlance of our time
fc kahuna - machine says yes
fischerspooner - odyssey
fort minor - the rising tied
goldfrapp - black cherry
greg davis & sebastian roux - paquet surprise
head automatica - decadence
hot chip - the warning
ice cube - laugh now, cry later
infusion - six feet above yesterday
john legend - get lifted
king of woolworths - rediffusion
kit clayton - nek salanet
low entropy - self-titled
modeselektor - hello mom!
mono no aware - kika no sekai
monolake - cinemascope
mouse on mars - rost pocks
nightmares on wax - mind elevation
pan american - the river made no sound
quinoline yellow - dol-goy assist
roger rotor - malleus malificarum
saul williams - amethyst rockstar
shiver electronics - soultrade
speedy j - a shocking hobby
team shadetek - burnerism
team shadetek - swoon
temple of the dog - self-titled
the secret machines - now here is nowhere
unkle - psyence fiction
white town - women in technology
yoko kanno - GITS:SAC1 soundtrack
ytcracker - nerdrap entertainment system (thanks scott)

have a half-decent friday.

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