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even though i've lived through much worse, those vw "crash" commercials freak some animal-response part of my brain right out. you marketing fleshbags can start pushing the envelope back in the direction of "funny" again, thanks.

oh, and for everyone who didn't know- that's four stars out of five.


SFW. no, it is, i swear!


so after a few listens, i've decided that maynard threw a big bag of talent into whatever hole t.reznor lost his in w/ last year's release of "with teeth". sorry, not buying the new tool album.


"where is the great white hunter, anyway?"

i just watched the video of this on cspan, and if you can find a clip online, you fucking need to, right now. witnessing steven saying all of this stuff ten feet away from bush2 is just unreal.

the only recording equipment my roomies and i had was VHS and i don't have a capture card, but i'm sure it will pop up on google video soon. keep an eye out. (or buy me a tv tuner card.)

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