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weekly personal update

so i about creamed my shorts when i found this job posting.

i pulled out all the stops trying to make for a good first impression- and showed up painfully overdressed. more ferraris than you can count on a hand, a murcielago, a spyker c8 (which may in fact be the perfect roadster) and etc in the showroom, and everyone in the place is wearing jeans (other than the receptionist). i guess that's oregon for you. i just hope i didn't leave the place reeking of "trying too hard".

hit up a few other automotive jobs as well, but naturally that one's on the top of the wish list. no responses on IT jobs yet (other than recruiters), but i am not sure i care too much about that. or at least, i am trying not to. stress isn't hard to come by lately.

happy 4/20 to those of you inclined to celebrate it.

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