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in mid-2003, i sold my white nissan S13 coupe to an army kid from an artillery battalion who'd just returned from a 6-month tour in iraq.

a few months earlier, when the war started, i'd been vacationing in virginia beach & DC with fearingtheart. i saw the "saddam statue getting toppled" footage in the airport in texas, where my return flight had a stopover.

while we were at the DMV waiting for the transfer-title paperwork, it didn't take very long to do the mental math- "wait, this is may, and this guy just finished half a year of shelling iraq?" maybe my memory is starting to fail me, but in late 2002 i thought we were still "hashing out in congress" whether or not we were going there.

this makes it difficult to decide who to believe- the mass media who say we're "carefully tiptoing through nuclear talks with iran", and the fringe, who say we're already using a mujahadeen force for "disavow-all-knowledge" covert ops.

i wish i could make sense of this, even in a "who-benefits/follow-the-money" kind of way- but i'm pretty sure that if we were THAT worried about rogue nations having nukes, we'd be camped out in pyongyang by now.

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