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dk's cure for the Missed The Party Blues:

-take one new subaru, roll down all windows
-tune radio to KZSU during house/techno show and set volume at edge of distortion
-repeat 1 doz. times or until you can hear _oontz_oontz_oontz_ from the far side of the service bay


you mean profits are more important to halliburton than the health of our enlisted? well, i am shocked. SHOCKED.

quantum mechanics has always been a subject that threatened to make my head explode. but i'm glad someone gets it.

& in the automotive world, it makes me smirk to see ford following GM down the same road to hell. but... if there had to be an automaker that saved itself by acquiring mercedes-benz and all their chassis wizardry, couldn't it have been a company with a little more initiative? c'mon, mopar, can we take 3/4 of a hemi, stick it into a c-class chassis, and call it the new sub-$20k Dart or what? trickle us down something a little less gheigh than the crossfire already!

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