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Posted on 2005.11.25 at 21:25
Mood: mortal
Music: matmos - the struggle against unreality

I didn't know if [stepmom] had called you to let you know what is going on
with them at this point. I spoke with her a couple of day's ago and [dad]
is not doing well at all. [stepmom] had to put [dad] in a rest home because
she herself is too sick with lymphoma to take care of him. [dad] is having
a very dificult time with speaking and he is paralized on the right half of
his body.

I am going out to indiana on Dec. 16-20. If you can you are welcome to go
with me, if you are not able that's okay too I just wanted to give you the
option. In any case here is their phone number (xxx.xxx.xxxx), I am
waiting on an e-mail from [stepmom] for an e-mail as soon as I have that I
will send it to you.


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