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Posted on 2005.07.12 at 13:42


betternewthings at 2005-07-12 21:06 (UTC) (Link)
it's good news bad news.

south korea has the technological infrastructure to make every man a reporter and editor. they have 45mbit and often 100mbit to the home.

unfortunately, they're not leading the way. all they're doing is use it to download from the same damn media establishment.

what south korea needs is blogs. millions and millions of blogs that are ready to challenge the media establishment. publishing a story in america is like being thrown to the lions (see recent nyt piece denying evolution, or dan rather/trent lott being taken down)

unfortunately, we don't have the infrastructure here. download speeds here are pathetic, upload speeds on us broadband are downright prehistoric. thus, our blog culture is dominated by the technologically capable.

so, we're both fucked.
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