Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

alright, if that was too easy, try my roommate's submission- this one took me a minute...

step one: pick a well-known song.
step two: take the lyrics to babelfish ( and translate English to German to French to English.
step three: copy out the result and give clues and see who can guess the song. screen comments so that everyone can have fun!


does it believe you carry, me, that you mean tous.les.jours him do not do you to him, but he says wounded as the hell my brain that a lack the pain has of oxygen of my support of life my wing of iron recieving lung us am not to fall too young door frame to zynischem, for us to speak to me one needs conclusion him can say to you? Us rays our itch has eternal twentieth female of century and we are for our wing of iron lung Hauptshrinkers wish them with recognition all my uncle invoices my Belisha fire of glare Hauptshrinkers, them all my uncle invoices my Belisha fire of glare wish to suck you, you love bites your inches of youth the toilet which is formed and stumm, if energy runs outside, we precisely whirr this one, this one are our new song wasting of total time my wing of iron lung Hauptshrinkers precisely wish like the last ones has it all my uncle invoices my Belisha fire of glare Hauptshrinkers that they wish all my uncle with invoice my if you are frightened, let us can be frightened to you to have could have been must, it is OKAY and if are OKAY can be Hauptshrinkers wish them all my uncle invoices my Belisha fire of glare

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