Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

tech support conversations

they're giving us the opportunity to pull as much overtime as we want, up to 4 hours a day, so i'm taking it. i forget how other people aren't used to a night-centric sleep schedule, but damn when people call in past midnight they're bitchy.

finally let go on someone, when last night had an imac user who needed to get set up for his first class.

he'd already found our ugly web interface, but i thought he might like being set up with mozilla t-bird (other options for mac users are paying for entourage 2K4, or the aforementioned web interface).

for some reason, caller couldn't manage to run the install off the mozilla site. for me, it worked on our test mac with one click to download the file, and then a drag of the icon over to Applications to install. caller couldn't make this happen for some reason, and after 20 minutes of trying i said "well, use the web interface" and showed him how to navigate and post, where his syllabus was, etc.

caller: i'd already seen that. why did we spend 20 minutes trying to load something else up that does the same thing?
me: well- *pause* people seem to prefer using an actual client to the web most of the time. it's more user-friendly and intuitive.
caller: but it does the same thing, right?
me: yeah... and a honda and a benz will both get you to work... get my point?
caller: well it just seems like the _smart_ thing to do would have been show me around with the interface i'd already found.
me: *fume* well sir, anyone who can't figure out how to download and run an application, on a macintosh, is not in a position to question another person's intelligence. have a nice night. *click*

the good thing about being a permanent employee is that it'll take a lot more than that to get fired.


when tonight's overtime is done, my car is waiting for me in the parking lot with a flat. that's the 3rd one i've gotten in the past half-year. it'd be nice if DPS spent a little less time ticketing people, and a little more making sure the freeways weren't scattered with puncture debris. however, at least i had the foresight to pay the extra money for a free-replacement plan when i bought the last two.


welcome to america. hold still while we install your implant.

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