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Posted on 2001.03.28 at 14:53
Mood: indescribableindescribable
wrote this today. i hate the little fits of creative writing i get- they seem to come at times of extreme stress and then go away as soon as i've finished the last sentence. this is, i suppose, a better form of stress relief than smoking pot, but i'd like to be able to write well as much as i smoke. feh.

if you know one thing
know that
i owe you a thanks
(of sorts)
my impetus-
the candle in the darkness-
the fuel that feeds my fire-
the only thing carrying me through all this shit-
is my hatred for you.


Damon Amyx
damyx at 2001-03-28 16:32 (UTC) (Link)
nice poem.

ever heard prodigy's 'fuel my fire?' that's a musical version of exactly what you're saying there.

and on the writing/smoking tip- i feel you. i can write well any time i'm sober, pretty much. i just wish i could smoke and write at the same time. "feh."

twitterific at 2001-03-29 12:16 (UTC) (Link)


That poem was deep. I liked it, and I'm impressed. I understand about the stress thing, too. Isn't it funny how poetry is only inspired by anger and sorrow? I rarely feel like writing fruity poetry when I'm happy. Anyway. *HUGS* to you. Like you said, we both need them.

I'm there if you need to talk.

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