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Posted on 2005.01.16 at 05:28
Mood: drunkdrunk
Music: aioneko - in the archives
went and saw aioneko's presentation of "fragile machine" last night. fleshed out this weekend's entertainment theme of cybernetic integration/conversion... but did not help solidify my already shaky ideas of what constitutes humanity, that's for sure.

quite the singular experience.

made me wish innocentchild had visited this weekend (instead of a few weeks from now), because he'd have loved the interactive web experiences and static artwork they had set up, if not the hour-long movie itself. for $5, it beat the hell out of hitting up the local McCineplex.

the director says they hope to secure tour dates in seattle, los angeles, and new york, and i mentioned that i plugged them last week, so if you live in/around one of those places and might be able to help secure a small venue, let me know so i can relay info, or DIY. (no bay area dates planned, but maybe one of you could change that...)


after that, we (meaning gf, roomie, her friend dallas, a coworker we'd seen the show with, and a friend of his) hit up "my florist" cafe again (mentioned ~2wks ago), where i was stunned by the pianist's rendition of "something i could never have". for a woman in her 50s, she has pretty surprising cache of pop culture knowledge... all six mouths at our table dropped when she got into a medley of the themes from super mario brothers. mad props.

just for fun, i requested "the entertainer", the theme from the sting... getting "kid, you're not supposed to know this song" looks from the 40-pluses in the crowd was almost as fun as playing evil power noise to a bunch of ravers a few months back. i guess i'm about to add "challenging preconceptions" to my list of hobbies; it's as much or more fun than anything else i've done in the past three years.

quality weekend.

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