Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

today i learned that my uncle (who you probably know as Biff Tannen) has a voice part in the spongebob movie (not to mention a host of other projects i haven't been keeping myself well-informed enough to know about). truth be told, i probably won't go see it, as a half-hour episode is about my spongebob tolerance limit, but that's still cool.

(google also just taught me there's a punk band by the name of Biff Tannen. props to them.)

then i went and checked out his website, and learned he's taken up painting (genre: pop-culture impressionism). part of me wants a signed print of the Pit Bull*, and the other part wants to build a lifesize replica out of MDF just because i know i could get him to sign that.

_sigh_ i really miss that "wing" of my family. A, i hope you'll pass that on to the rest of them for me; it's been way too long.

*the Pit Bull was that bad-ass snarling black hoverboard he rode in BTTF2- i'd provide a link but after ~90 seconds i decided there was something morally wrong with url-hacking a family member's website, so go look yourself
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