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ok, went to the dmv, got the reg fees paid off... $135, not as bad as i surmised it was going to be.

but they say because the car's out of state and the previous owner lost the title, a duplicate out-of-state title has to be procured before the car can be actually registered.


fuck that. i'm gonna go back tomorrow and make a stink until they do things MY fucking way.

but- since i do have paperwork indicating ownership of the car in *some* form, i can go down to the SJPD tow yard and get the car out. i'll have to have a mobile locksmith meet me there since the key for the car is broken, but... oh well.

at least the SJPD impound lot doesn't charge daily storage fees, so this has become *slightly* less time-sensitive (as compared to when i thought it was in a tow yard somewhere, which would involve $20/day storage fees)...

ugh. i'm closer to having all this shit resolved, but it really doesn't feel like it.

i need a bowl.

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