Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

it's a good thing i've filed my fingernails down to sharp little points, because i'm fucking hanging on by them right now.

i didn't manage to stick with my resolution not to smoke pot last night. it's hard. there's always something more to worry about. i swear i'd trade almost everything i have just for some peace of mind.

but yesterday wasn't *all* bad. when i got home, marshal (miki's roommate) was playing around mixing industrial w/ some of his cheesy hard-house- i was glad he came up with the same idea i did, and then proceeded to find a couple of Front Line Assembly and Nitzer Ebb tracks that i'm definitely gonna need for my mix album - i found a couple of tech-house and electro-breaks records they go *excellently* with.

i really should get on that.


i'm gonna go by the ATM and then the DMV later. hope my trip is more successful this time around. if it is i might even have the sentra towed to work tonight. here's hoping.

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