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Posted on 2004.10.09 at 23:42


david christofor
grindnbassline at 2004-10-10 19:07 (UTC) (Link)
i agree. but then, who's to say the cops even were needed ? in all likelyhood they are in that situation for a reason, and it wouldn't have made a difference.

while at a party at the TL, i had to go move my car (you know, the 2am "lets move our cars from one side of the street to the other" tenderloin street cleaning ritual) and saw something similar... some armani'd out guy with a thick (!) german accent beating the shit out of his very beautiful gf.

i yelled "hey, what's going on ?!" and got the obligatory "fuck off... mind your own business" and i responded with "yeah, well in *this* country it IS my business !" there were a lot of other people around, all doing nothing. hell, it was just 1 block down from the TL police station.

then the girl turns to me and moves her tossed long blond hair out from her face, revealing a huge puffy red eye, and says (also in a thick german accent) "no, we're alright" trying to calm me down. then she turns back to him and starts cussing at him in german... and they go back at it.

if it's one right people seem to have in america, it's the right to be completely dysfunctional fuckups. . . gawdbless'em *rolls eys*
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