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i just got a call back from the lawyer who's working my los banos case.

his retainer fee would be $2500. that's far more than the cost of the ticket in the first place ($1800-ish).

back to square one.


what am i going to do?

i can't make an appearance in court myself, because i have a suspended license, and the judge is aware of that- ergo, driving out there is a Bad Idea. worse yet, because i'm dealing with some backwater redneck judge in los banos, i have to be there by 8:30 in the morning and then i *may* get a court appearance.


i had hoped to resolve this before the 15th of next month, because as of April 15 i'm going to have two car payments to deal with, not one.

the only way i'll be able to manage that is getting my license back and procuring comprehensive insurance before then- otherwise the combined total of the two car payments is $1400/month.

my other option is to continue trusting louise to make the car payments. this option has *not* demonstrated itself to be a reliable one.


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