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stole miss_geek's latest quiz.

yeah. i thought this came across with some new/interesting material. share your thoughts if you particularly (dis/)agree.


You are quiet, skillful and reserved. You don’t mince words. When you finally speak, it is to let people know exactly where you stand.

You are not bound by policy or standard convention, rather your mind is open to every possibility and you excel at finding novel approaches to solving problems because of this.

You are likely to adopt a hobby involving mastery of a tool, such as fishing or hunting, and since you have a special talent for mastering tools you are likely to achieve the highest level of skill in your field.

You are a master of the tools of your trade and an excellent craftsman. Better than most, you know exactly how to use tools for maximum advantage. You enjoy work where you can visually see your results when the project is complete, not matter how simple or complex.

You are not interested in small talk, and actually may speak very little in general when compared to other people. Because you are not very expressive, some people think of you as a loner, and teachers may have mistakenly labeled you as “dyslexic” when you actually were born with an inclination for communicating through actions rather than words. You learn by doing, rather than by hearing, seeing or reading.

Standard grade school was not intended for students like you, and you probably found it incredibly tedious and boring. You were designed to use your hands and mind to master tools which other people cannot. When introduced to new tools, including weapons, your skill develops faster and further, and you speak more technically about it than other’s could even with more time and practice.

You feel most comfortable when other people don’t know exactly what to expect from you. This leaves your options open to take whatever action you’d like without it being particularly shocking to anyone. In fact, even those close to you never know whether you’ll respond to something with instant enthusiasm or reserved thought.

You particularly enjoy unexpectedly stepping up to tackle a mechanical or instrument problem and then solving it with ease, although you’ll steer clear if the problem involves people or attitudes. If you absolutely must refer to the directions then you will read only the part which specifically applies to the problem at hand. You like work which has a definite end, a completion point, rather than “research” or “administration” which could continue on forever.

You are observant and will watch your environment, collecting data, constantly. This makes you especially valuable in an emergency because you are the most likely to have spotted things going wrong and know the source of problems before anyone else.

You don’t waste energy on creating plans which might not work out anyway. You prefer to face each day anew and tackle problems as they arise. You rely on yourself and trust common sense to get things done in nearly all circumstances.

As a parent you dowould not feel the need to impose yourself or your standards on your children the way others do. In your eyes your children are individuals and you will respond to each of them according to their situations at any given time. Your spouse and your children know that you will give them the freedom and space they need to be their own person and you expect the same treatment in return.
i thought that bit was both exactly right and the heart of the reason i'd make a terrible parent.

You may attend a big party or social family function, but without a doubt you prefer the company of a few close friends and the tool of your hobby, be it a fishing pole or a guitar.


in other news, i got good news today. can't discuss yet, though.

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