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damnit. how did Morgan put out a new CD without my ass hearing about it? (edited to add: because i found it on his webpage the day before he BSP'ed it. i rule. now if i could just remember to take my headphones with me to work tomorrow... ;)

check this shit out- it's his newest CD, Sentinel. when i saw the track listing for it, i was ecstatic and bummed at once- he has once again picked a bunch of my favorite tracks for a CD, but the sour note is that i've decided to leave behind ukhardhouse and nuNRG in favor of breakbeats and techno.

i forgot to mention - back2dafront and i did some live experimental shit the other day- i took some techno and house and cut the low freq's out and then hooked up his drum set to my mixer so he could lay live beats over the melodies (such as they are in warehouse techno). it has worked pretty damn well so far, and i'm hoping we can get a few of the SFR-planners people in for a set sometime.

if he and i could get booked there (or shit- anywhere), we'd make a BIG FUCKING IMPRESSION. i know it.
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