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so we got the digitalretina out here to arizona over the weekend. quite the drive when you're doing it with a procession including a 15-foot moving truck, instead of just a single car- but seeing the high-speed pursuit passing us on the 210 in LA was entertaining. sleep was short (and mostly unsatisfying) and nerves were frazzled and we were all testy for a while, and our apartment is still mostly full of unpacked boxes, but the hardest is over.

on cosmic_osmo's recommend of The DaVinci Code i borrowed a copy of the prequel, Angels and Demons, from my once-and-possibly-future roomie divamatrix and i _highly_ recommend it. also recently finished A Painted House by John Grisham, which was not at all what i expected- reminded me of the assigned reading of The Grapes Of Wrath in high school.

once we have internet at the house again i promise i'll be a more active participant in this LJ thing- dogpoop on all you people dropping me off your friends list just cuz i'm not online 24/7 like i used to be. :P

oh yeah, and while i was back in the bay for the weekend it became much more plainly obvious how many idiots and a**holes there are on the roads out there. case in point: i'm about to enter 280S on the metering light next to the apple infinite loop campus, get my green to go, and this yuppie in an AMG Benz coupe peels out and then cuts me off just so he can be the first to get onto the crowded freeway.

since i've quit smoking green i've noticed my ability to tolerate prickish behavior in others has decreased sharply, and i was already stressed out, so i lane-dance until i'm next to him, half a length ahead, and hock a loogie on his windshield.

unsurprisingly, he was _chapped_.

chased me through traffic, told me to pull over (answer: "so you can do what, you yuppie bitch?"), and threatened to follow me to my destination and "deal with me" there.

so i drove hard, hopped off and on at meridian and then 87, and though he was in a $100K+ 400hp+ tuner car, i ditched him- and the best part? i was not driving my six-cylinder 170hp bimmer, that stayed in AZ- i was in my gf's bone-stock 115hp four-door '94 vw golf. SKILLS, bitch. true story.
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