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"i wish i could fuck you tonight."


on an unrelated but similar note, things appear to be going cool with miki. we talked on IM all day. we're meeting up at the Mad Hatter tomorrow night, then at Maze on friday night, after which everyone's getting drunk/stoned at her place.

saturday is urban wasteland, which miki and i are also going to. i need to get people tickets. but first, i need the $66 back ($11 per person) that i fronted out for everyone's ticket for *last* saturday's party. (if you're reading this & you went, consider this your subtle hint. ;)

i hope i'm not jumping into this thing with her too fast- it we're gonna see quite a bit of each other in the next week.

i'm still wondering why we didn't kiss when i dropped her off on sunday afternoon. shae suggested i should have made the move. i wish i was better at that.

but we will, as always, see what happens.

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