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Posted on 2001.03.20 at 13:19
Mood: defeated
Music: Nine Inch Nails - I Do Not Want This
you would know. wouldn't you?
you extend your hand to those who suffer
to those who know what it really feels like
to those who have had a taste
like that means something
and oh so sick i am
and maybe i don't have a choice
and maybe that is all i have
and maybe this is a cry for help

(problems do have solutions, yanno...)


weedlover at 2001-03-20 14:20 (UTC) (Link)
you do know i would do almost anything for you, don't you? i think you do.

if you need absolutely anything (ABSOLUTELY anything), i will try my best to make it happen for you. i love you too much to a) see you suffer and/or b) lose you.

don't forget i'm here, if you need something or just someone to talk to.
(Anonymous) at 2001-03-21 11:54 (UTC) (Link)

hey you

i love you.
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