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i love lj communities. they provide such an excellent window into the games people play with each other when they're not presented with the deterrent of physical proximity.


i'm watching this movie called "the tower" on scifi- it's kinda like "fortress" only with paul reiser instead of the highlander guy, and that one xfiles episode about the building in that it's a company and not a prison. reiser's dry delivery style has always managed to amuse the hell out of me, and if it weren't for that i would have changed the channel long ago, but i think some part of me has needed to see this movie for a long time.


actually made the effort to apply for a job in person yesterday. gonna try that again some more tomorrow. worked a bit today too- just not towards a goal that's actually beneficial to me. more on this soon.


everyone on soulseek seems to want that one luke slater album. wierd.


tonight, friend's roommate tells me he wants to try and get me a regular gig at a local goth/industrial event he's involved with. he's heard me play around at his house and thinks my stuff would fit well enough. that'd be cool... free drinks and money to buy more records, once i find real employment...

guess that's it
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