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this war thing.

yeah, it sucks, but it's really just the current iteration of suckage.

i don't think many of us are going to die as a direct or indirect result of what's happening; yeah, they'll be pissed off at us in the middle east, but when are they not? hating us, or what we represent to them, is nearly a cornerstone of their culture- and terrorism happens, because this is how extremists get shit done, ANYWHERE.

i think if we've gotta fuck with anyone over in the middle east, we should be giving saudi arabia some shit for providing the martyrfodder (and probably a fair chunk of the funding) a year and a half ago. on a very basic self-preservation level, i'd prefer a neighbor who beats his kids to one that throws large objects at my house, yanno? don't get me wrong, both neighbors have problems that need addressing, but... priorities.

but i'm so tired of all this i can do nothing other than take the pragmatic view and say, well... the terrorists may hit again, but they've yet to break .00002% effectiveness in a coordinated single-day attack. i am more likely to die from many other things, a few of which i do of my own volition.

so we'll vote the smarmy fuck out of office in '04, when the pendulum has reversed direction and gained momentum. unless we feel like raiding capitol hill, that's our option. okay? okay.

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