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my hand hurts like hell.

before i left work last night i was adding a disk controller card to one of our servers, and was using a thin philips-head screwdriver as a lever to force open a jammed case. being in an awkward position, when it finally suddenly gives with something between a *pop* and a *bang* i almost lose my balance.

having regained it, i notice a *tink* as i retract my hand from the cavern it was working in... upon being able to see it again i notice the last centimeter of the small screwdriver has disappeared underneath my skin, just below the pinky knuckle.

i think "well *that's* not right" and quickly slide it out. boy scout training kicks in and i go get the first aid kit from the breakroom, swab it off, and apply a bandage, all the while thinking "shouldn't this be pretty painful?" but not so much as a twinge of protest from the punctured appendage until a good 3 hours later.

now, it hurts like hell.
the body's a wierd thing.


i've met ed colmar maybe two or three times... but on days like this he's just my best friend.

i guess i'm in an odd mood, but i seem to have forgotten what a normal one is.

whatever, i'm out of smokes and this must be rectified.

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