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i was talking about this with jason and miki last night- the most frustrating thing about my recent unmotivated bout is that it seems to be *working*. i spent 2 weeks interviewing and running all over the bay area trying to find a place to live, with little fruit for my labor.

then Ras-Sol emails me and tells me he has a room available in his house for roughly half of the price of the in-law cottage in hayward i was looking at. once again, i've put a ton of time and energy into something just to have it fall into my lap from an unexpected direction.

this only concerns me because my laziness and lack of motivation have been thorns in my side for some time, and i'm trying to change that part of me- but this is proving to be a difficult task because of the kind of reinforcement i keep getting.

my green GTI's back from the shop with new tires, rotors, pads, oil, and filter. it definitely needed an oil change. the pads are still new so i don't know how well they'll end up working, but i hope i see the kind of improvement i did on my SE-R. i haven't had an opportunity to test how much better the Kumhos grip than the BFG's i had on before but the car seems to be more stable. more impressions later, cuz i'm about to drive home. =)

Kit wants to buy my SE-R this weekend. i need to get that thing towed to the office in short fucking order. he's giving me $2500 for it.

well, i have one long-ass entry today because my proxy server was down for most of the day- the motherboard in it died, so it's now been upgraded. it's back and appears to be better than before, because i was just looking at realvideo at 225k/sec- never got throughput like that before; and i managed to do the upgrade for $250 in parts. not bad.

damn, this track sounds *excellent* through my dj cans. it's so easy to forget how beautiful real instruments can sound when you listen to synthesized/sampled music all the time.

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