June 30th, 2010


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so apparently i'm moving back to norcal.

spending a weekend there with scott and his lovely girlfriend anne, and rediscovering a bunch of people i hadn't seen in half a decade at the "space pirates" party in oakland, made me miss it more than ever, and the gf is losing her current digs in modesto due to landlord dickishness.

i have not managed to fall in love with los angeles, and there's not really anything keeping me here other than the one friend who restored my car while i was overseas.

so i'm finishing this quarter in school, and will be securing a studio apartment for us in august.

i've already applied to de anza for fall quarter. they don't have a pre-engineering program, so i'm changing my major to technical writing. i've only done low-level math and general ed at my current school, so i will likely not lose anything in the switch.

so yeah, that's that. i get a little more sick of facebook every day, so i'm gonna make an attempt to post more on lj again.
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