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June 16th, 2009

Posted on 2009.06.16 at 21:25
Current Location: ar ramadi, iraq
Mood: pensivepatient
today i finally managed to get some half-decent shots of an approaching sandstorm.

the only thing i can compare it to is- you know how video games have draw-in distance where stuff on the "horizon" just pops into view as you approach it? it's like that, in reverse. a wall of wind and dust proceeding not-that-slowly across the map, and things just sorta disappear as it gets closer to you.

when the water tower on the northeast edge of camp (i thought you'd be able to see it in the 2nd pic, but apparently not) goes away, it's time to either get out whatever dust protective equipment you have or get inside (or just deal with the grit in your mouth, which i don't care for), because you have about 3 minutes until it looks like this:

fun! (we call these "orange days".)

it's night now and the storm has mostly died down but there is still dry lightning up in the sky- unfortunately i don't have a tripod and i don't know how to set a long exposure time on my camera so i can't get pics of that.

about one month left here.

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