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September 30th, 2007


a post full of love

Posted on 2007.09.30 at 01:19
Current Location: seattle, wa
Mood: drunkdrunk
Music: dj acucrack - bitch universal
first, qwest, I LOVE YOU, for leaving my torrent/soulseek traffic alone.
a solid 100k/sec down is really all i ask for out of a broadband connection.


second, i've done some bitching about tv shows lately.

tv shows i do not hate:
house, MD- if it's medically inaccurate, they've done enough research that the mistakes are over my head. and the main character is verbally ruthless, which is really my favorite part.
burn notice- equal parts intel, tactics, and the incredibly hot ex-gf. i'd do things to her that are probably illegal in amsterdam.
dexter- murderous sociopath, working in a police department, focuses his intent on other killers. can't go wrong.
californication- a great commentary on LA, and the only chance duchovny has had to actually act.
numb3rs- maybe the least of what i've listed here, but they're creative with each ep's plotline, and it's a crime-drama that tries to make you think, if nothing else.

and thanks to bittorrent, i can enjoy all of the above without commercials. god bless the internet.


the third is tool's latest album, 10,000 days.

i felt notably unimpressed with this album when it was released last year. i don't remember why, exactly, but i just didn't give it a chance.

now that i've put myself through the past year's experience, vicarious, jambi, and right in two speak to me on levels i can't explain here.

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