September 27th, 2007


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roommate made me watch the season premiere of grey's anatomy tonight, and i lol'd hard.

first of all, EMT shows up with an arm amputation, and says "i put a pressure dressing on it".
yeah, good job, bud, cuz you wouldn't need a torniquet to tie off an open brachial artery or anything.

and then the last scene, about how delivering a baby is such a miracle to all the new interns-
come on. once the head is out, keep it straight with the rest of the spine, and once the shoulders clear it's pretty much -foop- and the kid is out.
(assuming the placenta didn't attach somewhere inconvenient and the cord didn't get wrapped up, in which case you do actually need an MD. there are other possible complications, but for the sake of brevity.)
sweep the umbilical towards the neonate, clamp, cut, wait for the afterbirth.

come on, do a little research- if the shit were that hard they wouldn't teach it to EMT-Bs.


i left work early today so i could be @ home when the qwest tech got here to set up our clearwire-replacement DSL.
he did a fantastic job- checked every part of the line from the street, to the junction box, all the way up the side of the house to our 3rd-story apt.
he replaced all of the corroded connections in between, and in the end tested the phone jacks he installed and got 7mbit down/1mbit up; all we could have asked for- we lucked out being just a couple blocks away from the co-lo.
the only problem? qwest didn't deliver the DSL modem... so now i'm staring at a perfectly-functioning jack on the wall with nothing to plug into it, and we're still connecting through (four-expletive-string) clearwire tonight.
kinda feels like a wasted half-day that i could have spent making money.
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