August 3rd, 2007


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so thanks to my new russian friend Imperia, i was not in a state for a birthday post last night.

thanks to everyone who called/posted/messaged/emailed/etc.

for me aug2 always comes with a mental review- it feels good to look back on this one and say "i accomplished something".

the blue angels started practicing over seattle yesterday. they fly right over the university district- saw a turn and burn a few hundred yards away on the porch this afternoon, close enough to see the pilot's helmet. like watching a plane tear the sky a new orifice. long-term residents are apparently "not this shit again" about it, but i enjoyed it. (insert obligatory army comment questioning sexual alignment of navy service members here.)

i start temp work on monday for ~6 weeks. then school. i think i've settled on EE at UW after paying the community college dues for the "i kinda fucked off in high school" GPA.

"10 months on, two months off" isn't a terrible schedule for a year-in-review, though.


pushshove and i both ended up scoring these from local markets. they are the devil's cigar torch. one butane nozzle isn't enough for a real lighter, so this one has three. kinda overkill for lighting up a smoke, but if you absolutely need to subject something to blue-flame incineration at a moment's notice, it's the ticket.


we-watched-this-on-my-bday-thank-you-bittorrent movie reviews:

zeitgeist: (anyone know how to submit a movie to IMDB? it doesn't know about this one) can be summed up as "conspiracy theory of everything". the first two parts, on the history of religion and the trends of power manipulation in the US govt starting in the 20th century, were very interesting. kind of left me hanging at the end with the uncomfortable thought that a one-world imperial government might be the only route to peace on earth. which is sorta depressing.

the notorious bettie page: christened a new genre of film- the pornumentary. imo, they should have worked harder on the angle of "learning to control her sexuality in a new way after being assaulted" angle, but holy hell, how did i ever let gretchen mol drop off the radar? jaw-drop stunning hot.
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