April 4th, 2007


(no subject)

i spent last night listening to the whole of nin's new release year zero, which i downloaded while i was talking to foobiwan, pushshove and fearingtheart today.

i think trent must be on something again, because with teeth was his "clean" album, and let's be honest, it sucked.

year zero has the kind of atonal disharmony that only sounds good if you're a little bit fucked up (which i was, thank you faderade). the electronic-inspired forty-layer tracks of the fragile aren't present, but the influence is there, and you can tell trent's been listening to some glitch/noise-type stuff, and of course that's a happy find for me because that's what i've been into these past few years.

the only thing i really wish for is a couple more tracks with the driving energy of the pre-release single; the kind of songs that got those 500-strong pits going at shoreline back in '94 and '95, like wish and march of the pigs.

however, i think the most important step that's made with this album is a departure from the rampant and obsessive introspection, a focusing of creative energy on the political landscape. this departure was necessary, or the album would have smelt of the same old shit.

thanks for not making us wait so long this time, TR.